Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unggu Violet Buat Raja Sehari

As-salam & Hi World..

Purple violet seems dominated this year wedding theme. Another Unggu Violet, but this is my next attempt of buttercream wedding cake. Try something new. Try to be different.

3 kek segiempat yang disusun tidak selari dan agak senget. Primrose unggu memenuhi ruang. Menghiasi putih butterkrim. Memang disengajakan kek yag teratas di litupi cornelli lace versiku. Dan rufles unggu menghiasi kaki kek teatas. Tngkat kedua dan yang paling bawah dibiarkna kosong.. dihiasi bunga2 unggu dipenjuru kek dan corak ringkas menghiasi kepolosan warna putih.

Digimon Birthday Bash 4 Amal Djasreel

As-salam & Hi World..

I was so honoured when an old fren of mine.. my ex schoolmate..wished to order a birthday cake for her son.
He wanted a Digimon cake and he is a chocolate lover. I want something unique.. But the cake is very big.. haha. Edible Digimon. And those oval chocolates..digimons eggs?? Hmmphhh....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

1001 versi 2011

As-salam and hi world...

I was so touched by this order. She placed her order after she saw my 1001 cerita hantaran cake. Anyway, my policy that there shouldn't be a look- alike cake. There shouldn't be a double. Therefore we created 1001 version 2011. 2011 with bigger and stunning roses. Lots of rossetes. Couldn't put much flowers. Kept fighting with weather and humidity. And of course..I could not give the same, as ingredients prices increased. A bit here and there.. became a lot difference. Here's 1001 version 2011

A gentle reminder, to those who wish to place order on 1001 versions. Please bear in mind, this cake is covered with cornelli lace. And definitely bunch of roses. Therefore, it is very impossible to write wordings on the cake. Even the cake sides are full with flowers and decorative borders and lines.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Di Pagari Cintaku

As-salam and Hi World..

A Hantaran Cake for a nephew of mine. Soft violet almost cornflower blue.
I like it as it is so simple. And a touch of few roses..

For Him... For Her

As-salam & Hi World!

Calls dna sms yg menggesa saya untuk membuatkan kek hantaran. Mulanya saya setuju saja. Boleh lah squeeze kan satu.. Rupa-rupanya ada uda order...

Hantaran kek for her and hantaran cuppies for him..hmmph...Tema pula jauh bezanya.. For her putih, krim dan a light touch of gold. Manakala for him... putih hijau. Masa di sms kat saya, saya pun naik pening.. sebab dia tak mention nak cake and cuppies. Lepas tu tak specified warna tu untuk yang mana. Apa-apa pun dik.. selamat bertunang.. moga kekal ke jinjang pelamin..

For Him..

For Her ... 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pesona Chenta

As-salam and hi world.

A wedding cake for a friend of mine. So many things to be consider while designing this cake. 1st and foremost, she's a celebrity. Secondly, yet it is suppose to be a simple and humble reception. Follow my heart. and let my hands worked on their own.. Pesona Chenta....