Friday, April 13, 2012

Dariku Yg Pernah Bertakhta Di Hatimu..


A special request from a FB fren. Would love us to make this MISI KEZUTAN basket for someone who is so close to her heart. Just to fulfill her wishes and dreams.. our first and foremost MISI KEZUTAN's basket..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

As-salam and Hi World.

Keabadian Cinta, my theme for this lovely yellow cake. It was supposed to be light yellow almost creme color fondant cake. But somehow I just leave it with this Royal Yellow. Alhamdulillah, Thank God, the simple and elegant wedding dais is cream in colour. Phewwww... For amazing daughter in law.. Ummi.. thanx for trusting us and Barakallah.

Yummy Chiz Tarts

I love tiny lil Cheese tarts. With strawberry, blueberry or even raspberry filling. Ouh creamy cheezy texture mixed with sweet but lil sourish fruits filling. Keep them chill in fridge. Indulge with a glass of lemon tea. Ouh what a wonderful world.....

Merah.... Hitam Putihku

Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah.

Last minute order. Must be they are best fren forever. Ordered by d daughter for her mom's best fren's daughter's 'Hantaran'. Red in the midst of black and white. Elegant colors.