Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sya's Birthday Cake

As promised, I baked 'Wallow In The Mud' for my one and only daughter. The frosting is cocoa buttercream with chocolate essence and chocolate food colouring. This to enhance the taste and the colour of the buttercream. Luckily I had few roses and little flowers in progress for a client's order. I made borders of rossettes. The letterings are fondant cut outs. I tried some of wilton 3 string skills to add a touch of elegance to the cake.

When she return home from school, all I get was 'The cake was so yummy' and a big smile on her face. As her friends claimed that the cake was pretty and sweet. It never occured in my mind to show off but at times just try to make our beloved ones feels happy and proud of themselves.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to school again

Hooray... Back to school again. I continue my deco class with Wilton Deco 2 and Wilton Deco 3. Same day different time. Sounds like it so easy, but now I realised it was not as easy as Wilton 1.

Wilton Course 2 Book and Kit

Wilton Course 3 Book and Kit

Both classes require a lot of patience and passion. Wilton 2, dealing with Royal Icing, under the cooling air conditioned room. Aggghhhhh... it tends to dry so quickly. Where else we have to be very patience to form the flowers. Wilton 3, Royal Icing again and fondant and roses.

Unfortunately for me, it is my darling daughter's birthday this very day. I have promised her a birthday cake for her tomorrow. Class finished at about 5.00pm plus. Then we decided to celebrate her birthday at Burger King in Shah Alam Extreme Park. When I reached home it was nearly 9pm. I was so exhausted. So dengan sedihnya I minta my daughter her favour to postpone her birthday cake to Tuesday. With additional janji lah off course

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes & Big Happy Family

My hubby's nephew asked for cupcakes. As he was far a way, down south in Johor Bahru, it was quite impossible. So, when his Mom came over to Kuala Lumpur, we baked him some.

We baked a lot actually. We baked for almost everybody. We baked for Mak Long, Kak Nana and hubby, Cik Acit, Auntie Rose, Abg Shahrul, Abg Erwin, Kak Eva, Sya, Bajun, Pitit and Lil Faiz. We baked the XL sizes. We baked SS sizes and Just Nice for Abg Farid and family 16pcs. Vanilla and Wallow in the Mud. I love to stress on my Wallow In The Mud choc cake. I got it from Chockylit. It is not Choc moist. But it is rich with choco flavor. And sweet. And like the mud itself. Not moist bud muddy texture. Where else Choc Moist a lil bit bitter. I realised the measurement for soda bicarb was more than baking soda. This is the reason of bitterness. For all choc moist recipe, we had to put more soda bicarb then baking powder.

Wallow in the Mud. Yupppp sweet. It was my own mistake for not tasting the raw ingredient. The chocolate was bitter sweet chocolate. Hello..... it was BITTER Sweet Chocolate. It never came accross in my mind that BITTER sweet chocolate is actually still very sweet. It taste like Nescafe tarik. You know. The one with full of Ummmphhhh. Its damn thick. Lots of Nescafe and lots of Cap Teko or Susu F&N(the condensed milk brand). Yessss that sweet. So now I have to reduce a lil bit the amount of sugar.

Okay. Enough on the cake. Back to the event... hmm. My niece loves photography. She and her hubby, ahhh what a lovely couple and really meant together. And my cupcakes... they became the victims.... What else. Photo Shoot session. Never thought the cupcakes would look that nice. Anyway, we had a good time, Eating session, photo shoot session, photography class and scuba diving tooo????? So, Nana and hubby thanks for the free shoots and sessions. Sorry ek my pocoyo did a mess here and there.

After Setiawangsa, we headed to Uptown Kota Damansara. Sending my hubby's 8th brother to meet up their eldest brother. All in all I arrived home at about 2.30am on 12th of July 2009. And guesss whatttt......... to be continued...

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Thank You Note. . . .

These cupcakes were ordered by my Aunt. As a thank you note for a friend in the hospital, she claimed. So, I baked the Wallow in the mud choc cake. But I added a little hint of cappuccino.
Decorated it with cappuccino swirls and chocolate rice. Those for the borders. 9 pieces with strawberry frosting and pink roses on top of them.