Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to school again

Hooray... Back to school again. I continue my deco class with Wilton Deco 2 and Wilton Deco 3. Same day different time. Sounds like it so easy, but now I realised it was not as easy as Wilton 1.

Wilton Course 2 Book and Kit

Wilton Course 3 Book and Kit

Both classes require a lot of patience and passion. Wilton 2, dealing with Royal Icing, under the cooling air conditioned room. Aggghhhhh... it tends to dry so quickly. Where else we have to be very patience to form the flowers. Wilton 3, Royal Icing again and fondant and roses.

Unfortunately for me, it is my darling daughter's birthday this very day. I have promised her a birthday cake for her tomorrow. Class finished at about 5.00pm plus. Then we decided to celebrate her birthday at Burger King in Shah Alam Extreme Park. When I reached home it was nearly 9pm. I was so exhausted. So dengan sedihnya I minta my daughter her favour to postpone her birthday cake to Tuesday. With additional janji lah off course