Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Mummy With Love

As-salam & Hello World...

I received an order via sms asking me for a box of cuppies. She said it was for a birthday celebration and for a girl. She was also asking for delivery. I said that Sweet Treats offered delivery service. It was for today 12th October 2010.

I told her, delivery will be made only after 8pm. She called asking my whereabout. she was anxiously waiting for the cake and she claimed they are waiting for the cake. The truth I didn't know she gonna have it the party that very nite. Anyway, quite tough to find her house even though it was rite in front our own eyes.

When she greeted me, I was so touched. She was in confinement. Gave birth a week ago. meaning she was just return from hospital when she placed the order. Imagine, trying hard to get the cuppies. I told her to stop and wait, I personally brought the cake to her dining table. She asked for delivery charges, since it was just a few blocks away from my daughter's tution center. I told her it was FOC. When she smiled with pain drawn all over her face, I was relief.

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