Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sebuah Janjiku...

Tentang sebuah janji ku
Ku ukir dihatimu
Yang takkan terlapuhkan
Semua itu ...

Dengan akan kata ku
Hanya tentang dirimu
Yang akan menerapkan
Kau dan aku ...

Pastikan semua rasa
Yang ada dihatimu
Mengingatkan mereka
Tantang cinta ...

Janji ku menuliskan untuk
Selalu menjagamu
Rasaku benarkah
Akhir kita ...

A promise to a friend, that I would give the best for her brother's engagement cupcakes.
I love to try new things. And found this flower while surfing the net. How simple it is. Still with the same 5 petal rose flower cutter. Lil bit curl with the tools. And put them in the rite eggs casing as a mold. This sweet blossoms as the border. And tiny roses in the middle. Playing with variety of red to pink colors. Just simple red flowers on white. Look stunning aren't they.

Back to big sis. Old memories of so chocolaty good choc moist cake with ganache from Imbi Cake House in Seremban. It was really Wow! A big Wow. For RM5 in the year of late 80's. The choc cake that can make you drool. So, I created my own version of choc moist but definitely with my Ultimate Choc Cake. And plenty.. and heaps of choc cream fillings and gananche frosting.... A lil touch here and there.. 

It was a very hectic day. So nya this Choc cake memang tangkap muat.
And Pn Ija Wan Zain.. so sorry dear, you have to wait till 2am for your orders...