Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinta Gazebo

As-Salam & Hi World...

A romantic and touching love story behind this cake. Out of sudden, I had the idea of making a gazebo ontop of the cake. In fact from the very beginning of sketching the idea, I was so obsessed with a bird cage. Since I could't find a petite birdcage then the idea turned to a gazebo. With a minimal time left, there was no way for a gumpaste gazebo. So, i turn to rocky gazebo. Yuppp... u can eat the gazebo. it made from those rocky sticks. Chocolate flavor. When we send the cakes and the MC was reading the couple's love story, I was touched. It was a childhood love. Separated. And met again few years later. A long lost love.. just like waiting her to come back under Gazebo Cinta.