Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Cakes Package - Economy Glam Wedding Cake

As-Salam and Hi World.

In Malays wedding there's so much expenses to bear. The Wedding Dais, The Hantaran Decoration and stuffs. The wedding clothes and outfit. The Wedding Tent, The Brides and Grooms table, The Food..And the last one in the list and the smallest budget left will be for the Wedding Cakes. With the small amount left and yet your desire of having Wedding Cake fits for a princess sounds very impossible. If you low in budget this is what we are suggesting. Go for faux wedding cakes. Wedding cakes out of dummy cakes. Which means they are not edible cakes. Made from Polisterine/Styrofoam but covered with fondant. Look as beautiful and stunning as the original cakes. Infact better outcome and presentation in our hot weather. For the cutting cake ceremony, we will slot a slice of original cakes for the bride and groom to feed each other.

For the rest of the guests, it is an option of 50 decorated slices of cakes or 50 pieces of tiny cupcakes.
Its definitely wowed it is much2 cheaper. The prices are as below.

Round & Square Tiered Cakes
2 tier - RM150
3 tier - RM200
4 tier - RM250

**Please Take Note**
Apart from the piece slot in for the couple to cut, the rest of the cake can't be eaten.

Do The Calculation...How Much You Have Saved?

The Wedding Cake Price for 2tier RM150
FOC 50slices/50 cuppies worth RM 100

Now the whole offer is RM150 
Value of cuppies/slices is RM100
Equals RM50
Yup!! The wedding cake is actually RM50!!