Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aku Tak Harap Kau Sempurna....


Our 2nd mission for MISI KEZUTAN. By the way, MISI KEZUTAN is a SURPRISED MISSION. and this time we really gave him a big surprise. An anniversary gift from beloved wife to her beloved hubby. We are suppose to deliver surprise basket on their anniversary day. Since it was a long weekend, the couple decided to stay longer in Langkawi. Then we changed the plan. The wife need to text us the moment they enter Selangor. It worked. We managed to surprised him 30 minutes after they entered their love nest.

"Aku Tak Harap Kau Sempurna
Biarlah Kau Sempurnakan Hidupku"
Strawberries whenever available in the market. 

Basket full of hot and sexy and delicious
12 Red Velvets with yummy cheesy cream cheese frosting and 6 strawberries, 10 farerro rocher and flowers arrangement according to theme. This one PURPLE and PINK in d haus..