Thursday, May 6, 2010

PME Professional Diploma in Sugarpaste @ Sugarflours

Finding knowledge and enhanced our skills that is apart of Islamic teaching. As a Muslim, there is no age limit in learning. I believed for always the will be a better and a lesser person than you. And there is nobody is so perfect in this world. God is almighty. We are so unique, so individual than two can be the same but not identical. Just like your fingerprints.

Thought of doing Squire's Kitchen but thinking of how petite the cutter was, I opt to PME at Sugrflours. It was so far away in Bangi and I had to use the KTM Komuter to commute there. Leaving Padanga Jawa abt 8.27am and reaching Sugarflours 10 minutes before class begin. It was 5 days class but it was so worth every cents that I spent.

Sugarpaste is also known as Fondant. While Gumpaste is also known as Mexican Paste. Learn how to use the tools and new techniques. There are so many tools available in the market. So many well-known brands. Such as Patchwork Cutter, Holly Products, Sugarflair. There are lusters powder and many more.

What ever it is, you must have passion. Cake decorating is an art. You have to adore and fall in love with it then everything comes naturally. Enjoy and have fun... While practice and practice will give you perfections.