Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tercipta Untukku..

As-salam and hello world..

I was honored when a friend of mine put her trust on me to deliver a 3 tier wedding cake for her lil sis wedding function.

When she called me, I was not fully awake. I just mumble few ideas that suits most brides. Then she mention this " My sis is lil bit different from other ladies. Some flowers should be okay". This sentence keep on playing in my mind that made me to have the 'Wedding Ideas' page. It was specially meant for her. With the song 'Tercipta Untukku' keep on playing in my mind. I browsed for few ideas that suits the bride's personality..

And this is the cake that she likes most

This cake was posted in So since the wedding theme colour is maroon, I threw few ideas to suit her wedding theme. But her sis said the bride wanted just like the photo.

I did wrong calculation. Wrong size cakes. Wrong size cake board. I couldn't fit the exact flower arrangement. Time ticking and I still need to deliver the cake before the function started at 8.30pm. My dear fren was not around. I could not explain much. left the cake knife. Went to buy alternative knife. I was late, they had the 'solat jemaah'. and again I could not explain to her again. So I sent her a SMS, thanked her for her mom invitation and send her my apology that I could not deliver as what as the bride wished for...

This is the actual cake sent....