Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bila Hati Tak Tenang

I believed in energy transfer. Meaning, bila kita sedih, surrounding kita pun sedih. Bila kita happy, surrounding kita pun happy. Sama juga dengan memasak atau membakar. Bila kita ceria, masakan kita atau kek ataupun kuih-muih kita jadi extra sedap. And that's the real secret ingredient.

Bila badan dah letih, jiwa gelisah, my cupcakes did not turn up as it should be. Pertama kali since I start this biz, I did my deco so badly. My clown cupcakes did not look funny at all. Luckily my bear did look like a bear. The rest only hearts. I should do dots, shell and many more. But I did not have the heart to do so. Dalam kelas pun blank jer.

So, it is true. And next time, I will not touch a thing bila hati tak tenang. How good is your cupcake, with this kind of negative energy. It is a total disaster!!!