Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wilton Deco 1 - Completed

Alhamdulillah. Thank God. Without me realising it, it is over. Today is my last day for Wilton Deco 1. Our graduation project is to deco a 10" round cake with roses. And to apply techniques that we have learned throughout the class. And message on cake. I baked a strawberry cake. Rich with fresh strawberries. A 4"height cake. Haha... I managed to get the right height this time. But I had to bake double for lil Farisa's Pocoyo choc cake.

I was really out of time. I was rushing for the roses. Eventhough only 10 -12 roses were needed, I had to do more. To get the best 10. My lovely niece asked me for a Jim Jam & Sunny. But I could not find a big pic of them. So.. I asked my ever dearest hubby to ask wether lil cute Pocoyo is acceptable. Lucky me, it was a green light. Sunday morning I rushed to iced the 10" cake at about 7.30am. Then start to iced the Pocoyo's cake and start to decorate it. I did the major one. Since it was time to leave for the class, my hubby and daughter assisted me in final touch up.Just adding hearts and nonpareils. I got to bring the whole family as it was no way to travel here and there. I need to rush to my niece house immediately after the class.

When I reached my class. They have started with drop flowers and stars. And some still continuing their roses. Including me.... hehehe. Then sweet peas. Then ribbons. Then leaf....Then start to decorate the cake. I realised there was a patch on the side of my cake. I tried to smooth it out with spatula soaked in hot water. It didnot help much. So I decorated it with lots and lots of drop flowers. I arranged my roses to form a big 'C'. I need to leave some space for message writting. I made shell borders for the cake with stars at the side. I wrote Happy Birthday Farisa in Green. A real contrast for a peach background and add lil hearts in green icing on empty spaces.

So... congratulation to myself and happy first birthday to my sweet baby Farisa... She's my so called granddaughter you know. What else do you call your niece daughter.... :-)

To all my Wilton Deco 1 classmates, congratulations and best wishes to whatever you want to pursue in life.....

To my instructor Soon Ching, thank you very much.

p/s Thanks June for the photos....